How to Increase Audience Engagement on Facebook

Social media sites like Facebook can be seen by business owners as either an opportunity or a challenge, depending on how internet-savvy they are. Younger entrepreneurs who have grown up in the internet age often seem to know instinctively how to put Facebook and other social media sites to good use, but that shouldn't mean older business owners need to feel left behind. Instead, they can check out some tips for creating an effective Facebook Marketing Strategy below to start catching up.

Offer Plenty of Info

Those who are just setting up accounts should make a point of filling out their profiles as thoroughly as possible. The only interaction that some internet users will have with the business online could be through its Facebook page, so don't forget to add contact information, photos, a mission statement, and anything else that could offer viewers insight into the company. Those who already have profiles can always go back and add information later, as well.

Determine the Audience

Successful Facebook Marketing Strategies only work because they target the right audiences online. After all, even the most effective content won't improve customer conversion rates if it never reaches potential customers. Thankfully, the platform makes it reasonably easy to create custom audiences for ads based on factors like age, gender, location, and education level.

Post Often But Post Wisely

Business owners managing their own Facebook pages should make a point of posting frequently, paying attention to timing. Try to post in the early afternoon to maximize exposure and make sure to monitor post engagement to find out what types of content are most effective for reaching target audiences.

Use Eye-Catching Images

Facebook posts and paid ads will only be effective if they cause browsers to stop what they are doing and actually click on them and this requires eye-catching images. In fact, posts that contain images are estimated to be around 40 times as likely to generate serious amounts of engagement than other types of content. The phrase “a picture's worth a thousand words” clearly hasn't gone out of style in the internet age.

Enlist Some Professional Help

If all of the tips above sound like they'll take a good deal of work if they're to be implemented correctly, it's because they will. Facebook can absolutely be an effective tool for generating leads and improving customer conversion rates but creating and managing a presence on social media takes time and a lot of work. Readers who aren't particularly internet-savvy might be better off hiring an online reputation management firm that can help so that they can focus on other aspects of running their businesses.


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